Your Dream Stroller $300 Giveaway Event

Do you need a new stroller? Or maybe someone you know is expecting or has a child and could use a new stroller? If either applies to you you’ll want to enter this giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will receive a stroller of their choice from the ToysRUs website with a value of up to $300. The giveaway ends on 02/28/ Here’s the information and the entry form.

(The picture is only an example)
One lucky winner will win a stroller from any brand they like, it can be with car seat included or just the stroller.
The winner will pick up the stroller from and will be sent directly from their website.
The stroller can be up to $300 including shipping charges.  

18 Years or older to participate

2/1 to 2/28

Good Luck!

A Contest Blog is not responsible for prize and has not received compensation for promoting this giveaway. If the winner picks up a stroller with a lower value, the winner will not get the remaining value of the prize. The prize can’t be changed from any other prize than the stroller.