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Only contests, giveaways and sweeps that are free to enter will be listed.
Only family friendly and work safe contests will be listed.
Contest must be live to be listed, and specific contest details must be available. Contests posted will link directly to the contest post containing the entry details rather than just the site.

Contest listings do not contain all contest details. They are intended to contain enough info to be a teaser and convince people to visit your site.
I try to get contests up within 24 hours but cannot guarantee it.
I reserve the right to deny any sites and/or contests at my discretion.

A link back to A Contest Blog or displaying my button is always appreciated. If you are a regular contributor to my listings, please post my button on your blog to help promote this site and bring more traffic to the contributors.

Free contest listings.
Accepted submissions will be given a regular listing once for free. This includes recurring ones.  Regular listings do not include a photo. Regular listings do fall off quickly due to the number of contests posted.

If you are submitting a contest using the form. The form can only be submitted once and then the form will disappear and you should see a confirmation message. If you need to submit another just refresh the submit page.

Emailing your contest info?

I’ve been getting a lot of submissions lately which is great but it also means I have less time to be a detective.  If you’re emailing contest info rather than filling out the form please include all of the details requested in the form, so that I have all of the information needed to list your giveaway. With the amount of submissions I’m getting I am not able to remember who runs  their giveaway how and am not about to try. Those bloggers who send their contests with all of the information will be listed before all others.

Featured contest listing.

Featured contest listings run for a week. Featured listings include your contest announcement with picture and and inclusion in the Featured Contests area. A multiple week rate is available.

Payment in full is required before your featured listing will go live. Payment is only by Paypal. Echecks through Paypal will need to clear before the ad goes live.


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Submit the contact form on this site and let me know what you’d like to advertise, how you’re hoping to advertise it and for how long.
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